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Laminate wood flooring is a great option for people who love the look of solid or engineered wood flooring but do not have the time to ensure said flooring is properly maintained. Unlike solid and engineered wood floors, laminate wood floors consist of three layers. The top layer is made using aluminum oxide and includes a printed image. This image often depicts wood, but can imitate nearly any type of flooring including granite, tile, brick, and stone. The second layer of laminate flooring is a high density fiberboard or wood core layer, followed by the balancing backing layer, which is made of plastic laminate or paper.

Installing laminate flooring includes the following steps:

  • Placing a foam layer under the flooring
  • Placing laminate pieces on top of the foam
  • Gluing or clicking flooring into place

It can be installed on top of various sub-floors, including tile, parquet, or vinyl. All our laminated wood flooring comes with warranties and are known for their incredibly durable properties. If you would like to receive a free estimate for laminate wood flooring, please contact us at (650) 401-7400.

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